Our Team

The Lima Films team epitomizes passion, creativity, and dedication in the realm of film production. Comprising a diverse array of talents ranging from visionary directors to meticulous editors, this ensemble operates seamlessly to bring captivating stories to life on the silver screen. Their collaborative spirit fosters an environment where innovative ideas flourish and boundaries are constantly pushed. With each project, whether it be a thought-provoking drama or a thrilling action-packed adventure, the Lima Films team demonstrates an unwavering commitment to excellence, striving to evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. Their remarkable craftsmanship and relentless pursuit of storytelling mastery solidify their status as a powerhouse within the industry, promising audiences a cinematic experience like no other.

Kevin Rego

Joseph Aviel

Producer – Head of Stunt & Safety

Born in Fall River, MA, to Azorean immigrant parents, I was immersed in Portuguese culture. Fluent in Portuguese, I learned English in school. Driven by adrenaline, I moved to Orlando, FL, pursuing stunt work in theme parks. I’ve contributed to major parks in Central Florida, then expanded globally, visiting 53 countries. In entertainment, spanning film, TV, stage, and parks, I’ve played various roles ensuring safety, directing, and coordinating productions. From urban to jungle settings, I’ve executed falls and fight sequences, shaping a diverse career.

Actor – Producer – Stunt Performer

Joseph’s odyssey spans diverse experiences and pivotal transitions. Originating as an NGO operative in the Balkans during the 90s, he journeyed through over five countries, immersing in their cultural mosaic. His final stint, prior to an unexpected career pivot, adorned the idyllic shores of Montenegro. Shifting from humanitarianism to acting, Joseph encountered numerous luminaries, embodying icons like “Oak” Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now settled in tranquil Clearwater Beach, Florida, he finds solace training with his sons and savoring seaside moments with his beloved wife and cherished family.

Troy D. Williams

Robert Deon

Actor – Producer

Troy D. Williams, Bradenton’s versatile talent, merges his love for acting and production. After graduating from the University of Central Florida, he transitioned from Semi-Pro Football to acting, debuting in “Deserving Mercy” (2015). Swiftly rising, he secured his first lead role in “The Watchman’s Edict” (2017), earning Best Actor at the Southeast Regional Film Festival in 2019. Undaunted, he founded Thoroughbred Films LLC in 2020, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. With talent and grit, Williams captivates audiences on and off screen.

Actor – Producer – Head of Military Engagement & Partnership

Robert Déon epitomizes resilience, courage, and artistic prowess. After 20+ years of dedicated military service, he confronted adversity, enduring a wartime injury. Undeterred, he transitioned to entertainment. His seamless shift from military rigor to acting showcased his storytelling passion. As a Screen Actors Guild member, he infused authenticity into each role, drawing from personal experiences. Whether portraying complex characters or lending voice to narratives, Déon captivated global audiences, leaving an indelible mark.

Ati Ripley Scanlan

Actor – Stunt Performer

Ati Ripley Scanlan, a Samoan actor and stunt performer, raised in Hawaii, shines in TV hits like Hawaii Five O, Magnum PI, NCIS Hawaii, and Hightown. He’s not just an actor; Ati is a force in professional wrestling, part of the revered Samoan Dynasty. With cousins like Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns, he’s wrestling royalty. Ati Ripley Scanlan’s mix of cultural richness and artistic talent distinguishes him in entertainment and wrestling.