The “In-Production” stage, it means that the filmmaking process is actively underway. This phase typically includes activities such as casting, location scouting, set construction, filming of scenes, and other production-related tasks. During this stage, the director, cast, and crew work together to bring the script to life, with each department focusing on their respective responsibilities to ensure the smooth progression of the project. In-production films are still a work in progress and have not yet completed all stages of production, such as editing, post-production, and distribution.

Feature – Action

In the crucible of war, lifelong friends Ethan and Nathan face chaos when ambushed by terrorists. To survive, they must navigate perilous battlegrounds, forging an unbreakable alliance amidst the relentless threat, aiming to reunite with their captured comrades and defy the odds as POWs.

Feature – Horror

On Halloween night, in a quaint colonial house, five friends organize the ultimate spooky party, transforming their home into a haunted spectacle. However, the festive atmosphere takes a chilling turn when an eerie presence interrupts their gathering, thrusting them into a spine-tingling encounter with the supernatural. With the mysterious entity revealing itself, their night of enjoyment morphs into a harrowing struggle against the unknown.

Feature – Drama

At 18, Robert Moore was a promising high school valedictorian until a wrongful arrest changed his life. After 8 years in prison, he rebuilds, facing challenges at 26. A job opportunity with a lawn service leads to an unexpected chance to showcase his football skills to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Coach Keller offers him a shot at becoming a quarterback. However, before playing in the NFL, Robert must go aboard to clear his name. With newfound evidence, he proves his innocence, making a triumphant debut in the NFL. Determined to make up for lost time, Robert leads the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Super Bowl.

Animated Feature

The extraordinary journey of Jesus Christ in this captivating animated tale, tracing his miraculous birth, teachings of love and compassion, to the ultimate sacrifice for humanity, weaving a timeless message of hope and redemption for all ages.

Reality TV Competition

In the pulse-pounding All-Star Race TV show, 20 diverse contestants collide in a 10-week spectacle, navigating intense racing challenges for a $500,000 prize with a charitable twist. Brace for celebrity glamour, high-speed thrills, and unexpected turns in this must-watch fusion of fame and philanthropy.

Game Show

Players will answer questions based on the topics of Sports, Arts and entertainment, Science or Math, World History and geography, General Knowledge, and the Host’s Choice. The player with the most points at the end of the game will earn the title of Family Genius.