Gerard Lima

Gerard Lima’s journey in the world of filmmaking began with a bold step – self-funding his own production in 2013. Wearing multiple hats throughout the process, Lima immersed himself in every aspect of the film industry, utilizing this hands-on approach to gain invaluable insights into its intricacies. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business management, Lima strategically merged his business acumen with his passion for cinema, not only advancing his career but also nurturing the growth of Lima Films, his studio, and fostering the careers of aspiring talents within the industry.

His breakthrough moment arrived in 2015 when Lima’s creative prowess was recognized at the Melbourne International Film Festival, where he scooped the Best Music Video and Director awards. This accomplishment marked the beginning of a prolific career in which Lima has since written and produced a remarkable 19 films, directing seven of these projects. Notably, Lima’s versatility extends beyond the realms of traditional filmmaking, as evidenced by his success in the HBO/Cinemax Urban Action Showcase. In 2017, he clinched second place in the Action Script Contest for the feature screenplay “Brother’s in Arms” and garnered accolades for the TV Pilot “The Legend of Kung Funk.”

The year 2018 saw Lima’s continued ascendancy, with another 2nd place win in the HBO/Cinemax Urban Action Showcase for Best Short Film with “Birth of the Daywalker.” Lima’s prowess extends beyond storytelling, as demonstrated by his achievement at the 2022 Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival, where he secured the Best Original Score award for “Lawless Law.” A testament to his multifaceted talents, Lima’s filmography not only showcases his directorial, writing, and producing skills but also reflects a commitment to pushing creative boundaries in pursuit of cinematic excellence.