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Bloodline – An all-female cast action film. One Officer must decide between her past and her badge. Nightshade struggles with a decision she has to make, as she comes face to face with her enemy, Slayer. This film will be released in late 2021

Lawless Law is an award-winning action-comedy film. After serving several years in prison for a crime he did commit Wayne finds himself wondering where his life will go next, what he must do to keep himself from going back to prison, while also trying to regain custody of his daughter living under child services protection since he wants a chance to be a good father knowing she is all he has left in his life and his shot at redemption for what he has done in the past.

Desolation of Evil. A series of murders continue to take place and aren’t able to be solved. Detective Ed Muller becomes a suspect in these crimes.

Always Live Laugh Love is a drama feature film. When 2 orphan brothers who grew up supporting each other to become CEO & CFO of a multi-million dollar medical company, are faced with the fact Bradley the older brother has terminally ill cancer.

Gone is an award-winning action-drama film. It follows the story of an Army Special Forces Master Sergeant who is sent off to war, and his wife received a letter he sent home saying his goodbye.

Rescue Me is an action-feature film that was a second-place film at a Film Festival in New York City. When Robyn the daughter of Special Agent in Charge Alex Campbell of the FBI is kidnapped along with her best friend Chloe Hart, Alex is forced to take a close look at those around him to help determine who he can trust and who he can’t if he hopes to bring his daughter home alive.

We can offer you support with your feature films, short films documentaries, web, and episodic TV series. We are able to prepare a detailed budget, preliminary schedule, and business plan.

In-Production and In-Development

Manifestation is a full-length documentary. It follows middleweight professional and champion Willie “El Mongoose” Monroe Jr, as he prepares for his next professional match.
While also being a full-time husband and father during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

After his missing doesn’t go as planned Master Sergeant Felix Dixon is declared MIA by the US Marines. Leaving his daughter to put the pieces together to locate her father. This is the full-length feature film based on our award-winning film Gone.

Lima Films was founded and created by Gerard Lima; after the option, he was given for his feature “Brothers in Arms” was received, he founded Lima Films.

His goal has always been to always improve the quality of work the Lima Films Team creates, while also creating opportunities for those who have a passion for filmmaking.

Future Films

Two Childhood friends are reunited 15 years after being separated. After an unfortunate event at a Charity Fundraiser where a confrontation with the Middleweight Boxing Champion of the World, causes a Title Match for the Championship Belt to take place.

“Brothers in Arms” follows the journey of two childhood friends Mike and James as they enlist in the Army. Their time in the military begins on their first day of Basic Training through Ranger School and eventually to the day they were; deployed to Afghanistan making their friendship stronger. This is a story of family, loyalty, trust & honor.

Special Forces Captain Justin Cook has spent the majority of his military career fearless
performing risky missions on a daily basis, but he is now about to face the biggest
challenge of his life. Upon returning home on vacation, Captain Cook is diagnosed with
a tumor that could not only end his military career; it could ultimately end his life.

A group of individuals is given the opportunity, to show their talent as wrestlers in a competition. Jordan is given the opportunity to compete in this contest from an old high school friend and now talent agent Dex. As her own life struggles start in the way of her excelling Jordan finds herself, wondering if she will have what it takes to be a wrestler.

After graduating from Law School, Ashley Tate is able to secure an associate position at one of the country’s most prestigious Law Firms own and operated by her boss Calvin. Months into working for Calvin Ashley discovers, her boss is the man responsible for her brother’s death.

As Gabriel speak to his Phycologist over several sessions. He addresses the memories he has about his family migrating to the United States, detailing the struggles and trauma they faced.
American Dream is based on a True Story.

Awards & Achievements

Melbourne International Film Festival

2015 Best Music Video & Best Video Director

Urban Action Film Festival

2017 Best New Media Action Film

2017 Best Web Series Comedy Film

2017 Best Web Series Action Film

Creative Loafing Best of the Bay

2020 Best Playwright

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