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One Officer must decide between her past and her badge. Nightshade struggles with a decision she has to make, as she comes face to face with her enemy, Slayer.
A Documentary where 4 individuals speak about their perspective on the current United States Immigration system. The views vary among a politician, permanent residents, DACA recipients, and illegal immigrants.
Two orphan brothers who have grown up to become CEO and CFO of a multi-million dollar medical company discover that older brother Bradley is terminally ill with cancer. As younger brother Sam faces the impending loss of his only living family member, Bradley’s love for a beautiful waitress named Jenny helps him find a reason to fight for his life.
After spending several years in prison for a crime he did commit; Wayne finds himself wondering where his life will go next. Mike reflects on what he must do to try to regain custody of his daughter living under child services protection. To be a good father Wayne must turn to the Police Officer Mike who originally arrested him for help.


During the COVID 19 pandemic, we followed Professional Boxing Champion Willie “El Mongoose” Monroe Jr. as he not only kept training for his next match. But we also got an invitation into his day-to-day life as a husband, and father to his family. This film is in the final stages of post-production and set for a 2023 release.
Left Behind is a story of two extremely talented and athletic friends, Travis and Chris, that think of themselves as brothers and have boxed together their entire young lives.  The duo is separated when one of their mothers is tragically and brutally murdered. 
A high-profile sports agent takes a chance on a former high school friend and helps them navigate the complex wrestling entertainment industry while fighting their inner demons and personal obstacles. 
The Adventure of Lucky Buddha a Tale of Friendship, Honor, and Discovery with his trusted companion Torio by his side as he hopes to defeat the forces of evil while attempting to recover the Scroll of Honor and the Katana of Luck (And this is only the title to the film)



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